So here’s my new foray into blogging.

I’m starting this personal journal as an informative guide and a self centered place for me to post whatever the hell I want.

What will the blog topics consist of?

I’d like to say it goes the way of my Podcast format (which by the way is called, “The Right Stuff Podcast”) which consists of a main topic which may or may not branch into several other sometimes completely unrelatable topics.

That being said, many of these topics covered in this blog will consist of:

Ultra-Running or my attempt to return to the sport after several plaguing mini injuries, muscle imbalances and lower back pain.

Electronic Music or my attempt to create some form of business from the Electronic I create.

This may also involve discussion with hardware and other artists I’m a fan of.

You may check out some of my jams from the Future Rhythm’s SoundCloud page:

Nerdism or Anything related to movies, science fiction, tech or anything totally geek-related.

Health or my lifelong journey to discovering the perfect recipe of nutrition, lifestyle, meditation and …coffee to maximize my full potential.

So thank you for joining me. I hope we can discuss some fascinating topics and grow together.



Other notable and relatable links:



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