Coaching, healing, optimizing….Thought BLASTS

It’s been almost 3 weeks since the last update! What a slacker I’ve been! I swear I have a long list of excuses for you! In a Nutshell, I started my coaching gig 2 weeks ago, parted ways (at least in one form)with someone close to me and have been holding on for the ride. Being the person I am, I prefer to be in control of the ride, but there’s usually a less than stellar result. Injuries are about the same. Not getting better, but eh, not getting worse. Sleep has been harder to come by these days (not that I ever really get good sleep), but you may already gather why. So in result, my mind has been foggy, fatigue has hit it’s hardest in a while and I feel like I’ve been floating through the last few weeks. It’s a”I’m getting by, but I”m making no foward progress”-State and frankly it’s unacceptable. When talking to my meditation pals, they usually will have some type of explanation regarding how this is apart of my path. I know that I don’t have everything in my control, but paradoxically, I’m told that destiny is embraced by action. Well which goddamn way is it? Rather than sit on this question and go crazy, I plan to further my mind/body disciplines. Increasing sleep, therefore increasing energy, therefore increasing focus should only enhance my meditation experiences. After all, you’re not really meditating if you’re falling asleep meditating. I have experienced a lot of change in personality in a year+ from meditation and the people I associate with, but have also plateaued in my practice. It definitely is a conflict of time (which supposedly doesn’t exist in the spirit world) but you must also play by this world’s rules and it’s creation of time. Luckily, time is on my side since the development of romance is on pause. Although, my heart knows that it will not be another 7 years. I’m just well….human.

So I don’t think there’s anything else to say. My plan is to make the best of this coaching experiencing and mitigate any negativity from my current state that would get in the way of this fantastic opportunity. I’m running when I can. I’m experimenting with traditional Indian and Chinese medicinal herbs in my journey to find proper sleep and reduce overall inflammation in the body. I’m also reducing the coffee! It’s been about a month since I’ve had an evening cup (with the exception of the occasional Saturday), and while I’ve seen zero improvement in my sleep, I at least know I have control over my consumption. I am now in the process of kicking the afternoon cup and replacing with hot cacao. Not ready to completely say good buy to delicious dark robust concoctions from the Southern America’s. Sorry Tea. Last not but not least, I’m back into the music production game…again. Hey, while I’m inconsistent, it’s better than stopping completely. Stay tuned for new jams. New emotions means new music, baby! Oh yeah. Today I started a daily sleep/diet/supplement log describing how I feel through out the day. I am hell bent on making this habit. And while I’m here, I’ll just reiterate how good it feels to write again! You may be thinking how unfocused these thoughts are and now you know the current state of my mind. Back to the journey, folks!

Cleanse those goddamn chakras, Brandon!