Run/Life Health Update-April

April. The best month of the year. It’s Spring. Texas has chilly mornings, warm days, and cool evenings. Perfect, don’tcha think? It’s also just happens to be the month that I removed myself from the womb thirty-two years ago. Thanks for creating me, Mom and Dad. Spring is indeed my favorite season of them all if you couldn’t tell. The fauna and flora bloom life and the weather cries, “Come outside you human animal”.  To say to the least, avoiding trail running last year was a bitch and also a valuable lesson of patience.

April 2016-Now.

My running career has taken a new evolution. For awhile there in 2015, I thought perhaps that running may have to be retired from life. I really contemplated this. It was a combination of accepting my less than optimal/banged up body and this change demanded new avenues for health. It wasn’t so bad. I learned how to get lean again on a minimal amount of swimming, body weight lifting combined with a diet to compliment this regimen. There was still some Brandon Ostrander attitude thrown in the new program, but it was a dialed down version in comparison to the “work out like tomorrow is never promised” mindset of 2012-2014. Smarter and more efficient. Running would just have to be more casual. The end of a beautiful romance. Thanks for the memories.

Well it looked like the universe had a different plan for me. Perhaps a few miles were still left in the engine. Somehow I was talked back into trail running towards the end of 2015. Going into January 2016, my form wasn’t flawless but overall seemed to be shaping up rather nicely right until the last few days of that month. Knowing the warning sides, I immediately scaled back in February. Well right around the same time, I was offered a part time coaching position with Rogue/Spectrum. So coincidences are coincidences, but as I’ve hinted before in some of my former posts, the more I get in touch with nature/meditation, the less these coincidences feel like random chances. Call me delusional but so far delusional’s working. So with careful consideration, I accepted the position. It was presented on a silver platter and all too, “Brandon, right here. It’s yours. You’re basically ignorant if you don’t do this”.

So here I am in my favorite month of the year. I’m running slightly better and trying out some new therapy that I would have never considered if I never took this position. While still cautious due to the program draining my wallet, I have an overall good feeling about the help I’m receiving.  It seems like for the first time my specialist knows what the hell he’s talking about. Overall I feel very positive and enthusiastic about life. After some dark years and creaky months, I’m ready to this life to it’s full potential and infect everyone in my circumference with this attitude. Don’t know what it is exactly, but things just feel like they are falling into place lately.

I mean shit, it is April.

“Get it, Brandon.” (Yes, I talk to myself)