Reflections of Living Life as of September 2016

It’s been a busy 5 months. How does one time travel so fast? I do take steps to be present as often as possible but you still find yourself wondering how you ended up in the moment you are currently experiencing. I suppose this feeling is exaggerated when a lot is going on. Which it has! I found love and she loves me! I spent April with a laser focus that I had not seen probably since attacking my first 100 miler. I met a lovely lady who I just knew I had to pursue the moment I met her. It is staggering to imagine how capable the human spirit is when you truly want something. Insomnia, insecurity, society: you are no match for love. And there you have it. No need to go in complete detail other than I found a special someone who I’ve searched (possibly waited?) for who has become an essential part of this humbled life.


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